Monday, February 11, 2013

Interior Decor Trends 2013

Interior and furniture design trends for 2013 is expected to lead to a design with regard to Eco-Luxury and Virtual Luxe.

Trends in interior and furniture design for 2013 will be centered on the celebration of the process. To slow design, slow food, and slow lifestyle. Example, once we are surrounded by fast food, slow food trend now. In the 'slow' it contains meaning of celebrating the process.

The celebration of some of the concerns of the global community of a few things, such as an impending food crisis and global warming. Then came the vertical farming, which adds architectural gardens around the building. Maximizing area for planting, this could be included in the category of Eco-Luxury. These things and then enter into the lifestyle. Fulfillment live alone, cook their own meals , not fast food, it becomes a lifestyle. This is a slow form of lifestyle.

Moreover, in the case of slow design, the celebration in the design process, becomes a thing is identical with the work of Indonesia. Slow design very closely with Indonesian culture. Carving, weaving, and weaving a few examples of slow design. This is then elaborated in furniture design. Example, the wicker lampshades accent on a table or chair cushion cover is woven.

While in the case of Virtual Luxe, still associated with slowness. Virtual more to pour dreams and imagination, making the design more specific. Avoid things that are too uniform or manufacturer, so everything is unique, like a human being different from each other.

Slowness is a celebration of the process, lifestyle, favor the natural color, using woven, carved, woven. Slow lifestyle is a delight that is celebrated every moment.